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Darkened Dreams Studios (now Darkened Dreams Audio) was founded in 2014 by Simon Pettiford during a three-year stay in Little Rock, Arkansas. A devoted music fan, notably the heavier genres, Simon aspired to work with local Little Rock artists to record their music and give them a product that they would be proud of, and that their fans would enjoy listening to again and again.

After his first project with local hardcore act DEADWEIGHT, Simon went on to do EPs and albums for Descended From Wolves, Becoming Saints, Smoke Signals, Census, Inrage, ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE, The Lucid Archetype, and more.

Eric Stewart joined the team in 2015, having graduated from Full Sail University with a Batchelors degree in Music Production, and specializes in vocal production, programming and sound design.

Simon returned to the UK in the fall of 2016 but both he and Eric continue to work under the Darkened Dreams Audio moniker, and for now focus on the post-production aspect of music making.


Here’s what we offer:-

Drum MIDI Transcription/Programming/Humanization – $30 per item

Audio to MIDI Conversion – $30 per item

Live Drum editing, Guitar and Bass DI editing, Vocal editing and tuning – $30 per item

Sound Design (Intros, Interludes etc.) – $50 per item

ITB Mixing & Mastering – $100 per song, including revisions

ITB Mastering only – $50 per song, including revisions

Stem Printing/Live Backtrack Creation – $30 flat fee

ITB Mixing & Mastering and ITB Mastering Only also includes transitions and sequencing for EPs and albums, if required. We can also embed ISRC codes.

As standard, we supply 44.1KHz 16-bit masters along with 320kbps mp3 which will have been ID3 tagged and any artwork embedded. We can supply any other formats on request.


Take a listen to some of the work we have already undertaken.

Selected Discography

DEADWEIGHT – No Place Like Home – EP (2014) (E/M/Ma)

Smoke Signals – My Plague (Slipknot Cover) (2014) (E/M/Ma)

Inrage – Mindless – EP (2014) (E/M/Ma)

Descended from Wolves – Ghost Town – EP (2015) (E/M/Ma)

Becoming Saints – Let This Not Be the End of Me – EP (2015) (E/M/Ma)

Census – Peaceseeker – EP (2015) (E/M/Ma)

DEADWEIGHT – Sin Nature – EP (2015) (E/M/Ma)

ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE (feat. Hayden Valentine) – Alienate (2016) (E/M/Ma)

Raegan Ghegan – Burning House (Cam Cover) (2016) (E/M/Ma)

Becoming Saints – Oh, The Suffering – LP (2016) (E/M/Ma)

Smoke Signals – Anxiety – LP (2016) (E/M/Ma)

The Lucid Archetype – 2.0 – EP (2017) (E/M/Ma)

Oceans Between Us – EP Phone Home – EP (2017) – (E/M/Ma)

More Than Sparrows – Where The Ocean Meets The Sky – LP (2014/2017) (Remixed) (M/Ma)

The Lucid Archetype – Null/Void (2018) – (M/Ma)

The Lucid Archetype – Paradigm Shift (2018) (M/Ma)

My Vague Ambition – Anhedonia (2018) (M/Ma)

The Lucid Archetype – Kilroy Jenkins (2019) (M/Ma)

The Lucid Archetype – The Saw Is the Law (Whitechapel Cover) (2019) (M/Ma)

The Lucid Archetype – Gone With the Wind (Architects Cover) (2019) (M/Ma)

Konami Kode – Press Start – EP (2019) (M/Ma)

The Lucid Archetype – Implications & Consequence (2020) (M/Ma)

More Than Sparrows – The Boroughs – EP (2013/2020) (E/M/Ma)

Marrow – Trespasser – EP (2020) (M/Ma)

Zero Mindset – Discography (2015-2021) (E/M/Ma)

Konami Kode – Stay (Justin Bieber Cover/Remix) (2021) (Ma)

Konami Kode – Heavy Rain (2021) (M/Ma)


If you would like any more information or are interested in hiring us for our services, drop us a line below and we will get back to you ASAP! You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (see below). Our e-mail address is:- darkeneddreamsstudios@gmail.com


Here’s what our clients have to say about us!

“You guys did an amazing job with this and we couldn’t be happier with the final product! You’re stuck with us!” – Anton, Oceans Between Us

“Best quality in AR and at the lowest price you could possibly imagine. Simon is the best dude on earth and he will help you get the quality and sound that your band deserves. He takes such an interest in the bands he records, you can tell that this is his passion and he absolutely kills it in the best way!”Britton, Smoke Signals

“I’m very glad my band was referred to this amazing studio. Definitely give this man your business, you won’t regret it. Best place in Arkansas that I know of!” – Bo, CENSUS

“Great prices, great quality, great to work with!” –  James, In Trenches

“So glad we found this studio & are recording our album here. I’ve never had someone be able to capture my vocals the way Eric can! Simon is a hoot & very knowledgeable. We are very glad to work with both of these dudes!”Lisa, Truth Untold

“The attention to detail and professional quality
from Simon is truly unmatched. He’s the nicest
guy to work with and his talent goes to
show!”Cody, My Vague Ambition