Darkened Dreams Studios (now Darkened Dreams Audio) was founded in 2014 by Simon Pettiford during a three-year stay in Little Rock, Arkansas. A devoted music fan, notably the heavier genres, Simon aspired to work with local Little Rock artists to record their music and give them a product that they would be proud of, and that their fans would enjoy listening to again and again.

After his first project with local hardcore act DEADWEIGHT, Simon went on to do EPs and albums for Descended From Wolves, Becoming Saints, Smoke Signals, Census, Inrage, ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE, The Lucid Archetype, and more.

Eric Stewart joined the team in 2015, having graduated from Full Sail University with a Batchelors degree in Music Production, and specializes in vocal production, programming and sound design.

Simon returned to the UK in the fall of 2016 but both he and Eric continue to work under the Darkened Dreams Audio moniker, and for now focus on the post-production aspect of music making.