Here’s what we offer:-

Drum MIDI Transcription/Programming/Humanization – $30 per item

Audio to MIDI Conversion – $30 per item

Live Drum editing, Guitar and Bass DI editing, Vocal editing and tuning – $30 per item

Sound Design (Intros, Interludes etc.) – $50 per item

ITB Mixing & Mastering – $100 per song, including revisions

ITB Mastering only – $50 per song, including revisions

Stem Printing/Live Backtrack Creation – $30 flat fee

ITB Mixing & Mastering and ITB Mastering Only also includes transitions and sequencing for EPs and albums, if required. We can also embed ISRC codes.
As standard, we supply 44.1KHz 16-bit masters along with 320kbps mp3 which will have been ID3 tagged and any artwork embedded. We can supply any other formats on request.